Employment Tribunals

Ian Chivers – Partner & Chartered Legal Executive

Since qualifying in 1979, Ian has practised exclusively in Civil Litigation across a broad spectrum, including Personal Injury, Landlord & Tenant, Employment and general Common Law disputes.  Ian also has a significant portfolio of Private Law family cases. He is an experienced advocate and has advocacy practice rights in all civil litigation and family matters conducted in the County Court.

Outline for taking a Claim to the Employment Tribunals

This quote is for undertaking the following work:

  • Advising on merits of case
  • Considering initial documentation
  • Drafting Claim and Particulars
  • Drafting and collating witness statements
  • Considering any documentation from the Defendants (Employers)
  • Briefing Counsel (case dependant)
  • Collating Court Bundles
  • Representation at Hearing

Outline of fees

All work undertaken will be charged at an hourly rate of £235.00 per hour. In addition to the hourly work, we also charge for letters sent and telephone calls at £23.50 per unit (1/10th of the hourly rate).

Initial advice and preparing application or Response £470.00 plus VAT at 20%.

Preparation and representation at preliminary hearing approximately £705.00 plus VAT at 20%.

Preparation of evidence approximately £2350.00 plus VAT at 20%.

Preparing the matter for trail approximately £705.00 plus VAT at 20%.

Please see below a cost estimation should the matter proceed to trial.

Hearing Cost estimate 
Day 1£ 2,000.00 plus VAT at 20%
Each subsequent day£ 1,000.00 plus VAT at 20%

The exact cost will depend on the individual case. Overall cost estimation will be provided during the initial consultation and once we are aware of the facts of the case. An update on the cost position will be provided intermittently through the duration of the matter.

Disbursements (not subject to VAT) not included in this fee

Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Courts fees. No fee is payable when lodging a claim with the Employment Tribunal. Counsel fees may apply if represented by a Barrister at the Hearing. Counsel fees will be agreed prior to any instruction.

How long will this take?

It is difficult to determine the length of the matter. This is dependent on the facts of the matter. An estimate will be provided during the initial consultation and an update will be provided throughout.

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