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Domestic Abuse & Injunctions

Sadly, our experience is that people who are the victims of domestic abuse just accept that it is something they have to put up with.  Domestic abuse is very rarely a ‘one-off’ incident.  Abusers prey on their victim's weaknesses and fact that the victims do not know that the law can help them.

At Stilwell & Singleton we are able to advise and represent clients who are desperate to shake off the horrifying and damaging effects of domestic abuse and to keep it out of their lives forever.  We will represent victims in Court and help them obtain immediate injunctions against violent and abusive partners and to enforce those injunctions when they are breached.


In appropriate cases we will apply to the Court to remove the abusers from any home they share with the victim.  As it is a serious criminal offence to disobey the terms of a Court Order, the Police are notified of all injunctions obtained.


In the majority of cases we can obtain Legal Aid for our clients and, in very urgent cases, we can be in Court on the same day that we receive instructions.

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Domestic Abuse Specialists:
Ian Chivers
Ian Chivers

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