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Lasting Powers of Attorney

The average life expectancy in the UK is rising which means more and more people are making the decision to appoint somebody to look after their property, finances and to make decisions about their health when they no longer have the capacity to do so themselves.  They do this by appointing somebody they trust to be an Attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney.


We will explain the process of appointing an Attorney to you in plain English.  We will help you complete the necessary paperwork and liaise with the Office of the Public Guardian on your behalf.  If you have made an Enduring Power of Attorney we can help your Attorney register this with the Office of the Public Guardian if you were to lose the ability to manage your own affairs.

Powers of Attorney Specialists:
Charis Muir
Charis Muir
Isobel Povah
Isobel Pace
Harald Gardiner
Stephanie Somers
Zara King

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