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Wills and Estate Planning

Most people in the UK do not have a Will.  Many people believe they are too young or that it is too expensive or that they simply don’t have enough money or property to make it worthwhile.  If you do not make a Will then everything you own will be divided according to the Rules of Intestacy and may result in your loved ones not being provided for.

The law around Wills can seem complicated but our expert solicitors will make it as simple as possible and can offer you a fixed fee for preparing your Will.  By writing your Will you can direct who is going to receive specific items from your estate and you can give directions as to what kind of funeral you want and ensure that your money and property is left in accordance with your wishes.

Unfortunately there is sometimes conflict between family members and we are able to advise as to how to try and avoid conflict arising on your death and how to try and prevent any claims being made against your estate.  Wills can be used to help you with Inheritance Tax planning and to protect your assets for future generations and our lawyers will advise you regarding this. 

We are also happy to store your Will and any other important legal documents at our offices at no additional cost to you.  We are able to offer you home visits if this is of assistance to you. 

Probate and Estate Administration

When someone close to you dies having to deal with their estate can be an upsetting and daunting prospect.


Our professional Probate solicitors appreciate how difficult and stressful this can be and we can help you make the experience as stress free as possible.  We are able to offer you a tailor-made service and help you as little or as much as you would like and make sure that everything is dealt with correctly and efficiently.


We can advise you on Inheritance Tax and ensure that, if it is payable, this is done within the correct time limits and we can advise you as to the most tax efficient way of dealing with an estate.


If there isn’t a Will we can guide you through the necessary procedures and explain to you exactly what will happen to your loved one’s property and who will benefit from the estate.


Sometimes a beneficiary under a Will would rather that their share of the estate is directed to somebody else or may feel that the Will had not dealt with the estate as efficiently as it could have done.  Under these circumstances it is possible to draft a “Deed of Variation” within 2 years of the date of somebody’s death and our solicitors are able to advise you regarding this, draw up the necessary Deed and explain to you the tax consequences of this.

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